PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that on June 24, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") and the Office of the Attorney General, State of Florida, Department of Legal Affairs (the "AG"), filed an emergency action in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against Defendants Big Dog Solutions LLC, also d/b/a Help Desk National and Help Desk Global; PC Help Desk US LLC; Inbound Call Specialist, LLC; Blackoptek CE Inc.; 9138242 Canada Corporation; and Digital Growth Properties, LLC (the "Receivership Defendants"), along with Christopher J. Costanza, Suzanne W. Harris, Muzaffar Abbas, Gary Oberman, Donald Dolphin, and Justin Powers (collectively, "Defendants").

As part of the action, the FTC and the AG filed a Complaint and sought emergency relief, including an Ex Parte Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order to Freeze Assets and Motion Seeking the Appointment of a Receiver.

On June 28, 2016, The Honorable John Robert Blakey, United States District Judge for the Northern District of Illinois, granted the request for a Temporary Restraining Order over the Receivership Defendants, and appointed Jeffrey C. Schneider as the Receiver.

Since the commencement of this action, the Receiver has been working to discover, marshal, and preserve funds and assets derived from the consumers. The Receiver's office can be reached at (786) 347-2562, Ext. 197, or via email at: